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Lövdalens Golf course is situated 5 km from Koppartorp. The Golf course consists of 9 holes with 9 alternative tees and a 9 hole "Pay & Play" course. There are also a cafeteria and a small golf shop. You can rent clubs, trollies and golf carts and book golf lessons. Green Fee is valid a whole day. It´s easy to get out on the course and no time reservation is required.
Please note: the course can at some times be chartered for competition.

Open air bathing
The guests at Koppartorp Farm can bath in lakes as well as the sea.
There is open air bathing at the camping grounds at Grännäs, Ekön and Yxningen and also at Tostebosjön, Vindommen, Rånen, Tjen, Skeppsgården and Sandgärdet in Gryt.
The long coastline has many rocky stretches as well as sandy coves where the visitor can relax in complete peace and quiet.

Boat trips to the islands
During the summer, there are excellent opportunities for exploring the beauty of Gryt archipelago by boat. There are many possibilities to see the archipelago. The boats depart from Fyrudden harbour.
Our guests can also rent a motorboat for trips on their own.

Our guests can fish in the lake, a row boat is included.
A motorboat for fishing trips in the archipelago is available for rent.
In the archipelago, angling is unrestricted. Fishing from a boat is permitted only if the boat is not moving. In some parts of the archipelago, land access is restricted at certain times of the year, a restriction which also applies to waters within 100 metres of the shore. Fishing is also forbidden within 100 metres of fish farms and equipment marked by a pole with a yellow cross on the top. Unrestricted fishing is an extension of the right of Public Access, but it also means responsibilities both on the water and on land. Naturally visitors must not leave litter or take more fish than they need. Neither may fish be left behind on the shore.

Pick berries and mushrooms
There are plenty of berries and mushrooms of all kinds out in the country.

Kayak paddling – Sailing – Water scooter riding
Can be hired in the immediate surroundings for exciting trips in the outer archipelago. Guided tours are also offered.

Hiking trail – “Östgötaleden”
There are many opportunities for those who want to get some recreation and exercise in the varied countryside with its forests, fields and meadow. On the islands an well as the mainland, there are attractive nature reserves offering a variety of possibilities to enjoy the scenery at its best. Several of the reserves have well marked hiking trails of various lengths.
“Östgötaleden” is the best known trail. It starts at a cottage named “Banvallsstugan” in Valdemarsvik and follows a route towards Åtvidaberg to the west and Söderköping to the north. There are also branches to Gryt/ Fyrudden and through Tryserum to the extensive nature reserves of Kvädö, Åsvik and Torrö. The first two kilometres between Valdemarsvik and Gryt are designed as a nature- and culturetrail with informationsigns.
The trail passes close to the Koppartorp road 3 km from the Koppartorp Farm.

The right of public access in Sweden

Day trips
Astrid Lindgren’s World

Kolmården Zoo

Göta Canal

Parts of the text is gathered from the brochure “Valdemarsvik”, published by Valdemarsvik Kommun.

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