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Our Gotland sheep

Our Gotland sheep do all sorts of work at the farm.
During the summer they ”work” to preserve the environment and hold the coast landscape open.
During the autumn they give us meat, wool and skins.
In August the sheep are examined and selected for breeding.
At that time we can also see the result of the past year’s breeding.
The beautiful lambskins are sold in our farm shop.

Sale of breeding stock
We have certified breeding stock for sale as far as supplies allow.

Some facts
The Gotland sheep has its origin in the native ”utegångsfår” of the island of Gotland.
Adult animals are grey with black heads and legs. White signs are sometimes found on heads and legs. Both rams and ewes lack horns. The ewes normally weigh 60-70 kg and the rams 80-100 kg.
Mating is strongly seasonal with lambs born
in the spring.
The lambs are born black but during the summer they turn lighter and become grey in different nuances. One of the breed’s unique characteristics is the curly and lustre wool, a prerequisite for the beautiful and useful fleece.

Farm shop

In our farm shop you will find beautiful sheepskins from our Gotland sheep.
  • curly and lustre in all shades of grey.
  • wonderfully soft cut in different sizes.
  • machine washable (wool programme).

Swedish lambskins - a mark of quality
Lambs grazing on enclosed pastures – thereby helping to keep the landscape open – provide, thanks to the Nordic climate, a wool of
excellent qualities.
The wool of the Gotland sheep has a unique combination of soft undercoat and strong guard hair that makes the skin durable. Lamb wool is an unsurpassed natural product. It feels warm in the winter and cool during the summer. A lambskin is therefore nice all years round.

  • For children.
  • In the car, boat and camping wagon.
  • In the favourite chair and sofa corner.
  • On a hunting trip, a walk in the forest and
    when skiing.
  • Against pain in back and shoulders.
  • In medical treatment and care of old people.

The range of applications are infinite.


Easy to care – can be washed on a regular basis
Washable lambskins are easy to care for. The skins are aired and a shake in the same way as bed linen. They can be machine washed at 30 degrees Centigrade or hand-washed. Use a detergent or shampoo with a low pH (3,5-5,5). A bottle of especially suited shampoo is included in the price of the skin. Minor spots can be removed by a simple rinse.

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